Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a backup service for my blog?



Does this service work with my blog?

This service works with all blogs that have a RSS-feed.


Why do you ask for my WordPress login credentials?

Your WordPress credentials are required for easy blog restores or if you want to be able to backup more than just the public RSS-feed (drafts, categories). All passwords are encrypted and stored in our database.

If you choose not to supply your WordPress credentials, you can select the option to use the public feed. Just press "No thanks! Use the public feed" when you sign up.


What's included in the backup?

If you use the Wordpress username and password option, Blogbackupr backups full posts, comments, pages and categories. All media such as JPEG, ZIP, etc. are also saved. For other backups, the post information in the RSS feed is backed up. You can see what has been backed up by visiting the Posts and Media tabs inside Blogbackupr.


Why is there no backup?

Please wait at least one day.


What about blog template and images?

The CSS file and all your images are saved.


I'm seeing error messages. What do I do?

All errors are logged and reviewed. Please contact us for a more detailed status report on your errors.

Who is behind this service?

The service was initially invented and managed by Jonas Lejon. In 2013 Mikael Falkvidd bought the service to develop it further.


Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, you can read it here: privacy policy.

You can always contact us by using the "Contact" link below.

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